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1 Chicago

In June 2020, the city of Chicago began the process of reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. To encourage Chicagoans to (safely) start going out again, the 1 Chicago campaign was created, not only to bring patrons back to local businesses who were affected by the pandemic but to show the resilience of Chicagoans who united in the face of unprecedented times

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                              There’s only 1 Chicago, and it’s best explored   on 2 wheels. Are you ready to ride? #1Chicago

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IG Video Post


                              Endless skylines. Massive skyscrapers.

Only 1 Chicago. Come and see everything that’s open. #1Chicago.

IG Story

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Creative Direction: Tim Schoenmaeckers & Niels Sienaert

Art Direction: Myself

Copy Kiku Gross

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