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Le Party

The campaign is rooted in over the top extra-ness. A playful, tongue in cheek homage to the world of fragrance, we treated our trash bag as though it were a luxury, high end perfume. From casting to wardrobe to location everything was elevated to the nth degree. Completely pastiche, dripping in decadence and glamour one was left to wonder…is this an ad for a high-end designer? Ah, no. The rug pull moment reveals that this fabulous party was in fact the host to none other than our best accessory yet, the ForceFlexPlus Cherry Blossom bag.

Featutred in: AdAge (The Top 5 Creative Campaigns You Need To Know About), Adweek and Little Black Book.

Then, we created a fabulous social takeover.

Glad Insta.png
iPhone-X-Mockup transparent.png

Next step. Pinkfluencers.

If we haven't already proved that Glad's Cherry Blossom trash bags are fabulous enough to match even the most glamorous of aesthetics, we collaborated with some fabulous influencers to finish the job.

Art Director: Myself

CopywriterAndrea Lattanzio

SVP Creative Director: Justin Enderstein

Senior Art Director: Freddy Agostini

Senior Copywriters: Ernesto Martinez & Daniel Osorio

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